Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Satellite Sam #7 (2014)


Holy crap!  The people on the cover actually have faces!


Same as before; characters are self-destructing, everyone’s got secrets they’re trying to keep, and all of that jazz.

Our Main Character:

I'm watching my sympathy for this character who did a 180 slowly drift away.

Our Side Characters:

“Definitely an asshole.  But a fun one.”  You’re half right.


Hey murder mystery!  Anytime now you would like to show up, it would be very appreciated.


Man does this dialogue drag and drag.


Copy and paste those people!  No one will notice!

Most Memorable Moment:

Seriously, just because you get alcohol as a gift, does not mean you have to automatically drink it on the job!

Final Page:

“Kill for”?  Oh I get it!  Because he was killed, right?

What We Should Take from This Comic:

There are many ways for a person to self-destruct and fall apart.  We are seeing Michael do that as read, if slowly.

What We Do Take From This Comic:

Alcohol and TV crew don’t mix.

Yay or Nay?


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