Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saucer Country #13 (2013)

Woman off Screen: Hey!  Get your own iPad!
Before Professor Kidd can kill himself, his magical helpers offer to direct him to some proof of UFOs.  Meanwhile, Arcadia and her team get ready for the big day as things slowly start coming into focus.
Our Heroes:
That’s right, you tell him Harry!
Our Side Characters:
So I wonder who our leak is here.
It’s always nice to be absorbed into the dialogue in the comic for once.
You know, sometimes it looks like the blonde ages and deages between panels.
Most Memorable Moment:
Wait what?!
Final Page:
See Most Memorable Moment.
What We Should Take from This Comic:
So… he’s not delusional, the Bluebirds were founded by a nut, and apparently there is a leak in the group?  Argh!  So much is happening!!
What We Do Take From This Comic:
Why must it end next month!?
Yay or Nay?

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