Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wolverine #1 (2013)


Generic slash shot go!


A trip to the mall causes Wolverine much more problems than he thought when a dad holds everyone hostage with an alien ray guy.  What the hell is going on?

Our Hero:

Thank you healing factor.  Stinks it doesn’t heal clothing though.

Our Villain:

Not the world’s greatest dad.

Our Side Characters:

Hello cop lady, who are you?


Shadow slashing!


Pants are very necessary like he said, so bring him some officer.


Fine, but nothing worth talking about.

Most Memorable Moment:

Kid, if an alien ray guy couldn’t stop him, what do think a police car is going to do?

Final Page:

Police Officer: Ah, it’s cold out; do you want a shirt before you go?
Wolverine: Nah, I’m good.

What We Should Take from This Comic:

Something is going on with the ray gun thing, corrupting people’s minds and all.  Wolverine’s going to need to find it soon and see what’s actually going on with it.

What We Do Take From This Comic:

So, he is tall enough to reach the pedals?  He didn’t seem tall enough before.

Yay or Nay?


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