Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Batman Incorporated #8 (2013)


It’s just like the R.I.P. only far scratchier in its art.


Batman is stuck in a James Bond trap, Nightwing and pals are being attacked by brainwashed kids, and Damian tries to stop the craziness going on.  Bad things  to follow…

Our Heroes:

That looked like it hurt.

Our Villain:

The Terminator, only with more talking.

Our Side Characters:

Hold to that MacGuffin little lady!  Don’t want to lose it.


Who doesn’t like a kid getting brutally slaughtered in their comics?  Stay classy Morrison!


Damn, the only way to make what was coming even more painfully obvious and clich├ęd was if Damian said, “I only have two more days until retirement.”


I’m sorry; give me a moment to try to figure out this layout before I react to the kid getting impaled.

Most Memorable Moment:

Oh hey, he just got impaled.

Final Page:

My god are his eyes creeping me out.

What We Should Take from This Comic:

Well the war between Batman and Talia has hit harder than ever, killing their son.  This event will be always be remembered, overshadowing that other death a while ago.  What was his name again?

What We Do Take From This Comic:

Let’s start the clock, how long will it take for Damian be un-dead?

Yay or Nay?

I can’t decide.  It’s either a mmmmmeeeeeehhhhh or a simple nay.  You guys decide!


  1. How is this an analysis? You're in no way assessing the story and you clearly have an in built bias against Morrison's work. What's wrong with Burnham's art? You don't like? That's cool. But it's in no way bad and layout is in no way unreadable. It's just not for you.

    1. Ah... this is how I "review" things. This whole thing is about my reaction and what I thought of each aspect of the comic from the art to the characters right after I finish reading the comic. Very simple and quick thoughts on the spur of the moment. I do a more proper and normal review in my weekly reflection where I explain my thoughts more the comics I read each week. You'll see my assessment and analysis of the story then when I fully put my thoughts together.

      As for Burnham's art, I am not really a fan, but I never said the layout was unreadable for third and second last pages. I read that part and wasn't completely sure about how to go about reading it, so I had to reread it again to make sure I was getting. Not unreadable, just threw me off.

      Then for Morrison, I do fully admit to not being the biggest fan of his work, but I have nothing against him. I do like several comics he has done before: Batman & Robin Must Die, All Star Superman, and Joe the Barbarian (my favorite of all his work); it's just that his work doesn't always hit with me, like this individual comic in particular.

    2. This is the typical reply from a Morrison fan.

      "You're biased" is the new "You just don't get it."