Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ame-Comi Girls Featuring Supergirl #5 (2013)

Ame-Comi Girls Featuring Supergirl #5
I never knew there was so much purple in space.
Here comes Brainiac!  Can Power Girl and her newly arrived cousin, Supergirl, be able to fend off this invasion?
Our Heroes:
So, did your dad put you in that costume before he sent off to Earth or was it your idea?
Our Villain:
Not only can she turn people evil, she can also change their outfit’s color?  Is there no end to her power?!
Our Side Characters:
I love you Robin.  Never change.
Supergirl certainly knows how to curb stomp her enemies.
So wait, Earth’s just a feeding ground designed for Brainiac?
Oh hey, it’s anime!
Most Memorable Moment:
Evil Supergirl knows how to make an entrance.
Final Page:
Oh hell yes!  Also, since when did she have blue hair?
What We Should Take from This Comic:
With Power Girl gone, our heroes down, and Supergirl gone made; can Wonder Woman set up to the plate to bring down this Kryptonian?
What We Do Take From This Comic:
Okay, I’ll stop ignoring it, are these costumes actually comfortable?
Yay or Nay?

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