Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Fearless Defenders #1 (2013)

The Fearless Defenders #1


Two female superheroes versus an army of ninjas and zombie Vikings?  SOLD!


After retrieving an Asgardian artifact from a mercenary’s ship, Misty Knight brings a rare artifact back to her friend.  However, it has a rather… interesting feature that brings in Valkyrie.

Our Heroes:

So did Misty just swim all the way back to land or did she get a ride home?

Our Villain:

I’m getting an Indiana Jones’ villain vibe from her.

Our Side Characters:

Since she is joining their adventure, will she be a load like that woman from Temple of Doom?


I was promised ninja action, but none was given.  I am displeased.


Ah, even the characters recognize the weird way they each talk.


Oh my god, look at Misty’s spine!

Most Memorable Moment:

Well who wouldn’t want to kiss Valkyrie?

Final Page:

That skeleton wields one hell of a hook.

What We Should Take from This Comic:

With the potential of the Doommaidens coming back, Valkyrie and buddies must figure out a plan to deal with them.  Meanwhile, the mercenaries have a dangerous plan with these Asgadrian artifacts they have collected.

What We Do Take From This Comic:

So where were the ninjas?

Yay or Nay?


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  1. I wonder if this issue's cover is intended as the trade cover too, and the ninjas will appear soon.