Sunday, July 27, 2014

Satellite Sam #5 (2013)


Ah, a nice classy ass shot always means good things about a comic.


Michael and Kara seem have found a new clue in their hunt for who may be connected to Carlyle’s death.  Meanwhile, there’s a lot of business going on and going down all over town.

Our Main Character:

Seriously dude?  In public?  While someone is obviously staring at you?

Our Side Characters:

Comic, there’s been some sort of miscommunication on what I want to see these characters get in this comic.


Notice that the title of the issue was called Jobs?  Well, there were certainly a lot of “jobs” in this issue; ugh.


So… Michael, you want to share with the class about how you reached that solution or answer any of Kara’s questions?


Second page in and I think the characters’ faces froze in place.

Most Memorable Moment:

You may have a show now dude, but I’m pretty sure tomorrow you’ll be arrested for aggravated assault or murder.

Final Page:

I’m more shocked he got all of that from a blowjob more than the fact that he just got one.

What We Should Take from This Comic:

The very future of Le Monde Studios seems darker and darker as characters and their actions are discovered or start doing things that’ll destroy them.  Also, do we perhaps have the solution to who killed Carlyle White?

What We Do Take From This Comic:

Ever feel unclean after reading a comic?

Yay or Nay?


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