Saturday, May 18, 2013

Detective Comics #20 (2013)

Does Emperor Penguin need to choke a Batman?
Batman heads to fight Emperor Penguin head on, who is lying in wait for him.  Meanwhile, Penguin is free from charges and heads to take back his kingdom.
Our Hero:
Batman needs some more training since he just got his butt whipped by a guy who really shouldn’t be giving him this much trouble
Our Villain:
Even though he lost, he was still happy in the end.  Got to give him the fact that he was pretty humble about losing and all.
Our Side Characters:
Does the Penguin count as a side character in this comic?
Curses, foiled by the power of tree bark.
Batman: You’re a monster.
Me: *Snickers*
Oohh, look at those sparks fly!
Most Memorable Moment:
Batman needs to prepare more before he goes into these situations, otherwise he might end up hanging again.
Final Page:
So where are those purple arm things coming from?
What We Should Take from This Comic:
Ogilvy is finally down and Penguin is back in place.  However, Batman is not going to have any time to rest if that last panel is anything to go by.
What We Do Take From This Comic:
Why am I not surprise that there was a demon looking crime boss at one point?
Yay or Nay?

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