Thursday, April 25, 2013

Green Arrow #19 (2013)

Stabby stabby.
Green Arrow has a confrontation with Komodo and gets some more new information about what happened in the past.
Our Hero:
With all of those arrows, he is the archer equivalent of a boy scout: always prepared.
Our Villain:
The man sports a badass mask and a badass daughter.
Our Side Characters:
Cool enough, he’s taking all of this really well.
Boom!  Headshot with an arrow!
When you say you killed him, the world went white and red.
Speaking of color schemes, ever notice how the world goes white during some violent moments?
Most Memorable Moment:
And down goes the helicopter.
Final Page:
Thud?  Did he just fall over or did someone hit him?
What We Should Take from This Comic:
Green Arrow needs to find out what all of this means and how exactly Komodo ties into his past soon.
What We Do Take From This Comic:
Man, the little girl moved fast to get from one place to another so quickly.
Yay or Nay?

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