Thursday, April 25, 2013

Talon #7 (2013)

So did he break him?
Casey discovers that Sebastian Clark was the original Grandmaster of the Court of Owls before being discovered by him.  Meanwhile, Calvin Rose is held captive by the current Grandmaster and even if he manages to escape, Batman is still out there.
Our Hero:
Good thing Calvin’s arms didn’t get yank out of their sockets when he hooked that flying rocket.
Our Villain:
Well who didn’t see the obviously evil looking man being evil.
Our Side Characters:
Batman didn’t expect this, did he?
Yes, punch that old guy out!
Well it’s not like Gotham really has an fresh air anywhere you go.
Eww, their inners are made of black goo.
Most Memorable Moment:
Heh, he just punked Batman.
Final Page:
Yep, he broke him alright.
What We Should Take from This Comic:
Casey and her daughter managed to get away, but Calvin wasn’t so lucky himself.  After that brutal beat down by Bane, what now?
What We Do Take From This Comic:
Bane needs a new mask; it’s not nearly as threatening as he thinks it is.
Yay or Nay?

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