Friday, April 26, 2013

Comic Book Weekly Reflection: 4/26/13

Sorry about no weekly reflection or any reaction last week, my laptop has been acting up (for example, with actual smoke coming off of it).  As such, I lost my ability to type anything up.  The problem extends into this week as well, but I managed to work around the problem slightly.  However, I only had two reactions for comics this week.  So not much this time around, but let’s try to enjoy what was available regardless.
Be warned, there will be spoilers below!
FF #6: In this issue, Darla Deering gets into trouble with the Yancy Street Gang.  The gang really looks up to Thing (or just likes to screw with him) and takes real offense to Darla taking on his role while he’s gone, so they resolve to make her life completely suck.  However, with Scott Lang, the two of them turn the tables on the gang and properly deal with them.  Meanwhile, Medusa and Bentley are missing in action for some reason.
I had a lot of fun with this comic as always, with its fun characters and enjoyable dialogue.  What really stood out to me the most though was the art.  For a good chunk of the comic, I did not even notice there was an artist change and honestly, I like that sort of thing.  It helps give the comic a consistent feel throughout it, especially when you read it all at once.
My only problem with this comic is that it is taking its time getting anywhere.  I’m not sure when this kill Doctor Doom storyline is going to kick in or if we are going to deal with Medusa issue soon.  It’s kind of annoying in that regard.  Despite all of that, it is still a really enjoyable comic and worth checking out.
Justice League Dark #19: This issue was reviewed over on Adventures in Poor Taste, so you can head over there and check it out:
Talon #7: Continuing from last issue, Casey discovers that Sebastian Clark was the former Grandmaster of the Court of Owls and who had originally picked Calvin for becoming Talon.  She’s nearly caught by the old man, but she and her daughter manage to escape.  With Calvin, he manages to destroy all of the data the court has in their main computer system and escape the current Grandmaster.  However, when he reaches Clark, he is attacked and has his neck snapped by Bane, who is working with Clark for some reason.
This was a very good ending to the first arc of the comic and what amazes me the most about it is how the writing evolved over time.  While it could have been described as Scott Snyder lite during the first two issues (not including #0), it has become its own thing, placing more emphasis on the characters and less dialogue in some scenes.
I really have no complaints about this comic in particular.  I had a great time and I’m thoroughly excited to see where this goes, especially with the writer flying solo without Snyder and with an artist change too.  This is my pick of the week and I’m hoping you guys check it out as well.

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